Makeup Tips for a Glam Night Out #shop

YouTube Catch Up

Hello gorgeous. Have you been keeping up with my YouTube channel? I’m assuming the answer is yes. If not, that’s okay. I have a little recap of my last few videos for you.

After asking around, on my Twitter and Instagram, if you would be interested in seeing a Q&A video I thought I would knock out a few of your Q’s by doing the TMI Tag. I share lots of fun facts about myself and answer some commonly asked questions.

Last week, I posted my latest OOTD and then surprised my subbies with a short video featuring the same outfit. Do you love Notorious BIG? Watch the video. If you don’t know, now you know…

So, February flew right by. Amiright? I didn’t do a ton of shopping this month but definitely still had a few February Favorites to share with you. If you like my makeup in this video, check out my full tutorial on it.

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