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Plus Size OOTD: Casual Cozy

Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 2

Hello gorgeous! It’s been about 6 weeks since we’ve seen each other. I assure you I haven’t been traipsing around naked these last few weeks, but I’ve been a busy little bee. These Chicago winters make it hellacious trying to take outfit pictures outside. You ever try looking cute in a lace dress and tights when there’s a -20 degree windchill? It’s not easy.

Anyway, the other day was a balmy 30 degrees (HA!) and I thought I’d pop outside to snap a few pictures. It was dusk. Dusk, dammit! So the lighting was a little nuts but damn if I didn’t want to show off this hat.

I became slightly obsessed with it when I spotted it at American Eagle about two months ago. But it was like $40 and it wasn’t even cold outside yet (I have to rationalize all my purchases, because of reasons). Then, Black Friday (Thursday?) happened. It was like 40-50% off and I was all like “Try n’ stop me!” I bought that b, real quick.

Enough of all this jabbering, on to the outfit!

Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy


Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 3


Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 6

Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 7

My favorite part is that there is NO hat hair. Aw yeah, baby. Look at those luscious locks. 



Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 4




Plus Size OOTD Casual Cozy 5

What I Wore:

Sweater in “Sea Salt”//Old Navy
Metallic Jeans//Old Navy
“Blush” Ballet Flats//Target
Sweet ass furry hat//American Eagle (On sale now!)


  1. hey you are looking soooo sexy and so cute

  2. You are too cute! You always look so put together no matter what you wear!

  3. hey honey this kind of dress making you very sexy and i am also like fatty lady i have been dreaming you dear thanks

  4. This is a very pretty outfit and it suits you so well! Being a bigger girl, I never know what will look good on me and what will not and this really helps. I’ve wanted to say through YouTube (but due to the stupid Google+ crap, I haven’t) that you have given me the confidence I need and I thank you for that :)

  5. omg three words God bless :)

  6. i Forgot You lol

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