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So it’s officially spring and I’m going to be honest, I’m a little disappointed in how weak this winter was. My kids played in the snow for like 12 minutes one day in February. What’s the point of complaining about how much I hate the winter with my fellow Chicagoans if it’s going to be this weak? Now we all just sound like some big ol’ babies. I did only have to shovel the driveway twice and I definitely didn’t hate that. Before we enter the months full of scorching sun and unbearable humidity, I’m going to enjoy these 60 degree days where a jacket is hardly necessary and open-toed shoes are an actual option. Although, if you ask my sister, open toed shoes are an option every single day of the year. Both of my spring ready outfits in this post are from Charlotte Russe+, which is the perfect place to get your spring wardrobe ready.

 Special thanks to Charlotte Russe+ for sponsoring this post #CharlotteRussePlus

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